Q: How many cards and cashes can be carried in the case ?

A: The case can hold a maximum of three credit cards and a large slot for about two notes as it is a SLIM FIT design. You also can carry more as well say possibly up to 5 but it may become bulky and the shape might become bad.

Q: Is the inside hard case removable from the leather wallet piece?

A: No, we didn’t want it removable as the phone and case could then slip out.It is a secure base permanently fixed for safety.

Q:About the Camera, does the case cover it slightly or is it completely unobstructed ?

A: Do not worry, the case doesn't cover the camera at all, there is plenty of space around it so it's completely unobstructed.

Q:Does the strap that closes the case get annoying when it is open, it seems like it does just sitting there?

A:Yes, the strap has a magnet in it fold in half and it will stick to the back of the case and when you fold the small strap back.

Q:Does the case has stent function?

A:Yes, it has stent function.  You will be able to watch your favorite movie hands-free, and multi-task at the same time on your computer.  How good is that! 

Q: Can you answer the phone and talk when the case is closed? 

A: No. The outside is solid.

Q:Does the magnet affect the cards? 

A:The magnetic strip of the card may be damaged if it is inserted the wrong way, so please insert the card so that the magnetic strip is on the right side towards the edge of the case.

Q:Does the case has the auto-sleep function ?

A:No it does not turn off the phone screen when you close the case.

Q:Does the screen protector make it harder to use? how do you remove the screen protector ?

A:Doesn't make it harder to use, as any screen protector thinner than 0.3mm will work, and this one is only 0.2mm thick. And it is easy to remove, Just lift it from a corner and peel it off.

Q:Is the magnet strong? stay closed in and out of purse ?

A:Yes, the magnet is very strong! Absolutely the phone case will stay closed in out of a purse. 

Q:Does the magnet would damage the phone ? 

A:there is no risk. the magnets is very good for close the case, but not sufficiency strong enough to cause any damage to the Phone.